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Forums are a great way to spread the word around. However, if you were to just register yourself to a forum and then start advertising immediately, you will be banned!

The key is to participate in the forum, join in discussions and add value to the people there with the information you share. This way you are building a relationship and your reputation at the same time and this creates TRUST.

When you have that, then it's ok to start sharing about products and services you want to promote and people will also be more receptive to what you are recommending.

Remember to read the rules and regulations of a forum first before you start posting any ads! Some forums have very strict rules about that and if they don't allow ads, you have to respect their rules and abide by it. So choose forums that do allow ads and start posting them (when you've built the trust).

Here are some forums you can visit:


You can advertise and share about products in your forum signature. Your forum signature is the message that you leave after every post you make on the forum. You can edit the words and links that you want to appear on your signature.

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P.S. You can also use this strategy in your emails. So whenever you send out an email, you can add an email signature at the bottom where you can promote or recommend products with your affiliate link.